Yamaha Fg-150 Vintage Nippon Gakki 1972 Red Label

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portion of all guitar sales will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support
the Japan & Earthquake Tsunami 2011

Thank you to all concerned customers, also 
please rest assured that my guitars are located 1,000km away from Fukushima and are Safe!

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Guitar Condition / Imperfections

Excellent used condition for a
39 years old guitar

String height: High E: 2.2mm,
Low E: 2.8mm

Body top is clean with a few
small hits and scratches

Body back and side has also
minor scratches and hits

The guitar has some markings
but structurally sound and no big  issue
to play

Frets are 70-75% remain

Fret board has some wear at
lower position but playing OK

Adjustable truss rod turns
either way for further adjustment

selling price includes the guitar and labour (cleaning, set up etc…).

Specs / History

in 1972, Serial  20126568

in Japan, Nippon


Folk Guitar size

top is spruce

and Side is Mahogany

and Bridge is Rosewood

is Mahogany V shape, very easy to play

inlay is Three Tuning Forks 



I have had great, American made solid-wood
guitars worth over $2,000 that are no better--and in some cases, not nearly as
good--as a 1980 laminated Suzuki Three S I recently bought from Dan for less
than a fifth of what I would consider its real acoustic value.  He
really knows his way around the gold mine of 1970s Japanese guitars--in my
opinion, THE best values in steel string guitars today.

The reason people think laminated guitars
are inferior is because the worst guitars made are laminated--that's
true.  What they don't realize is that some of the best (and costliest)
are as well:  Greg Smallman's guitars are the most expensive new guitars
being made today (50K) and Ramirez has been laminating all their guitars since
the 1960s.  There are, in fact, some advantages to lamination, if done the
way the Japanese mastered it in the 1970s.

The advantage to laminating a body is
in the sides.  Two sides are stronger than one, and a guitar with stronger
ribs allows for a lighter, more freely vibrating top.  Likewise, if the
top is laminated of two thin planes, you can produce not only a stronger (and
much more durable) instrument but one that, if done just right, can capture the
qualities of a good solid top. 

 --Vic Varney, New York 


The guitar is cleaned, set up
with a new set of strings (012-053)

String height: High E: 2mm, Low
E: 2.8mm

No buzzing and dead points and
you can play as is

If you were using for recording
or professional use I would recommend you to take a fine readjustment to suit
your play style

Shipping by EMS
(Express Mail Service)



All other areas please make an


I have a number of return customers who are
collectors or professional musicians, they recognize that vintage MIJ Acoustic
Guitar are on average far better value than today's brand new guitars. There
are others who buy from curiosity or are buying based on reviews from sites
like Harmony Central.

1st time purchasers of a MIJ guitar it is only
after purchasing and playing one of my vintage guitars such as Yamaha, Tokai,
Terada, Morris and Suzuki that they appreciate the fine quality and sound. In
many cases the build quality and sound of the models that I offer is far
superior to that offered by new modern high-end solid wood models. Typical of
the feedback associated with these guitars on Harmony Central is that they give
'a beautiful warm full sound when strummed, clear and bright when picked', and
'very easy and a pleasure to play’.

 The Vintage Japanese guitars 'MIJ'
that I offer are:

Selected as being
representative of the best of their period, they are high quality craftsman
built instruments and display a high degree of hand finishing.

Selected because they provide
good Resonance and Balanced sound, in some case better than modern solid wood
guitars. Dependant on manufacture they vary between sweet, vibrant or strong
and rich tones.

Selected because they are
manufactured using very a high grade of materials and the construction shows a
high degree of craftsmanship. Standard models make use of very high-grade
laminates while up market models use presentation grade solid seasoned woods in
their construction.

I personally examine and
carefully clean, polish and set up each guitar and I ensure that they are
properly packaged so that they arrive safely.

Please review my feedback and
the testimonials provided by happy and satisfied customers who now enjoy
vintage MIJ guitars.

I am confident that you will
also be happy to have this vintage Morris Acoustic Guitar.


Guitars are wrapped with a few layers of
bubble sheets and securely packed in a dedicated guitar carton with warning
stickers outside

Extra costs

Customers are responsible for all applicable
taxes, customs and duties associated with importing the item(s); this is in
addition to the shipping and handling charge

Negative or Zero feedback bidders

Please contact me first or your bid will be


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