Vintage Harmony 60′s Silvertone Acoustic Guitar

vintage acoustic guitar 361162807028643920 Vintage Harmony 60s Silvertone Acoustic Guitar

     This is a Silvertone 1960's acoustic guitar.  It was probably originally made by Harmony and sold in Sears.  This is a true "Made in the USA" model and not one of the later "cheaper" or lower quality models.  It actually plays well and sounds truly amazing.  I just restrung the instrument with new Martin light gauge acoustic strings.  I am not kidding when I tell you this instrument has incredible depth, and tone.  It actually rivals some of the later Martins I have played, and I am not exagerating that point.  The bridge does need to be mounted and tuned for intonation.  It does have a small crack developing in the front side panel by the heel of the guitar.   This guitar is totally 100% wood construction.  It is not laminated or pressed, nor does it have any plastic as some of the later models had.   It does not need a neck reset nor are there any other cracks.  It is in really good shape for its age.  One of the screws in the back tailpiece is stripped and will probably need some attention at some point.  The guitar is missing the pickguard.  There are a couple of screw holes where the pick guard should be.  It does have its original chipboard case and a really cool yarn-style strap that was original to the instrument.  For an inexpensive guitar, this instrument is truly a wonderful sounding instrument.  I think you will be impressed by its tone.  Thanks for looking and feel free to email me with any questions. 

vintage acoustic guitar 361162807028643921 Vintage Harmony 60s Silvertone Acoustic Guitar

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