Vintage Gibson 1966 J45 J 45 J-45 Acoustic Awesome

vintage acoustic guitar 204762305424833420 Vintage Gibson 1966 J45 J 45 J 45 Acoustic Awesome

I am selling my beloved 1966 Gibson j45! The guitar itself is in great conition for its age. It has very little checking. It has been babied and kept in case. I bought this guitar about a year ago and have kept it in a case the whole time. I am assuming that the previous owner had kept this j45 in a case for most of its life as well due to the fact that it apears to have such little checking. It has aged very nicely and the binding has yellowed to perfection! I cannot begin to tell you how very good it sounds! You have to hear it!  Sometime during this guitars life the pickguard was changed. It has the regular dings and nicks that a guitar this age would have and be expected throughout, but nothing big or scary. I have since had a very high quality repro pickguard custom made. However there remains a very small tan line exposed (very small) but cant really see it...There is also a small repaired crack on the lower right hand side of the guitar but it has been prof repaired and is SOLID and will not going anywhere!!....ive tried to capture it in pics but it doesnt show up that well but i want to make sure that it was disclosed!! Ok, the guitar sounds excellent. It will not need to be set up as I have one all that for the next buyer already! Why buy a guitar thats needs work and a set up! I swapped the sound sucking adj bridge for a custom made bone saddle and it greatly improved the sound! Its all been done for you!  It will be playable right out the box! I have taken a bunch of pics! I am NOT  guitar expert...I am only describing what I know & see. Nonetheless, the guitar is priced cheap and to sell fast!! Like I said, please look at all the pics! I am listing this as a buy now or best offer. It is priced to sell fast! Pls ask questions...ask many if you have too! All sales will be final.... The buyer of this guitar will be very happy! PS...The guitar will come with a Brand New Gibson Acoustic guitar case! AWESOME GUITAR FOR THE PRICE! Check out the other vintage 60's j45's.Save HUGE! 

PLEASE SEE BELOW! This guitar is listed waaay below its value, but my bills come first!

Vintage Price Value For 2008 :
1942 - 1949 > $4500 to $7500
1950 - 1960 > $3700 to $4700
1961 - 1969 > $2400 to $3500
1969 - 1974 > $1500 to $2000 ( square shoulders )
1975 - 1999 > $1500 to $2000 ( round shoulders )

1942-1949 > Avg Upward Trend of 13% a Year since 2000
1950-1960> 9% 1961-1969> 8% 1969-1975> 8% 1976-1990> 5%

Note : Make offer. All reasonable offers will be considered!

vintage acoustic guitar 204762305424833421 Vintage Gibson 1966 J45 J 45 J 45 Acoustic Awesome

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