Gibson Style Vintage 70s Lawsuite Dove Global

vintage acoustic guitar 349192707604817060 Gibson Style Vintage 70s Lawsuite Dove Global

OK this is back on auction block due to a knucklehead bidder. My nephew just returned home from college and he bought this from his room mate. When he told me about it I gotta say I was excited from his description. Alas it was to good to be true. Not to take anything away from this instrument..... but this is not a Gibson guitar. A pretty cool copy with some issues. OK first there is a nic on the back of the neck. Also it appears that there is a crack at the base of the neck that was glued. The tuners were replaced with what my nephew was told was Gibson Les Paul Classic tuners. Of coarse the Gibson Logo was applied. There is also residue around the bridge . The fretboard towards the sound hole looks concave the action is high in that last 5-6 fret area.Maybe someone with the knowledge and skill can work with this. I just restrung the guitar with Elixir polyweb strings. Its been tuned to play the Rainsong  by Zeppelin and some slide work. It does have a nice tonal quality and plays well up until the12 fret. Please ask questions, you be the judge. No case will pack well double box. Thanx 

vintage acoustic guitar 349192707604817061 Gibson Style Vintage 70s Lawsuite Dove Global

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